Taking care of your skin is paramount if you want to look young now and in the golden years to come. Aging is an inevitable process that can be bitter at times, because our skin constantly becomes worse and worse. We see this happening in our friends, family and acquaintances.

It doesn’t have to be this way, with truly effective top natural skin care products you can dramatically slow down the aging process. The problem is that most people do not take the time to research top natural skin care products and find the right ones for their skin.

Anyone can call their products top of the line, this is why we as consumers have to learn to look at what ingredients we should avoid, because most companies today use chemical additives to save money and make their products have a longer shelf life.

These added chemicals are devastating to your skin, yet you are probably using them every day in at least one of your skin care products.

Dangerous Ingredients Exposed

In order to find the effective top natural skin care products, the first step you have to take is to discover what ingredients and chemicals you should avoid.

With this knowledge you can begin to filter out the worst products. Here are the 5 most common dangerous chemicals and unnatural ingredients that are found in almost all top natural skin care products today:

1. Alcohols – Irritate and dry out your skin. These unnatural alcohols strip away your natural skin oils which leaves your skin unprotected and open to attacks from bacteria, viruses and molds. Not to be confused with stearyl or cetearyl alcohols which are waxes and harmless.

2. Dioxane – A potentially deadly chemical that is known by the state of California, United States to cause cancer. Dioxane is a by product of the chemical ethylene-oxide, which is used to make harsh ingredients somewhat milder. You might wonder why they have to make some ingredients milder?

3. Fragrances – A little fragrance in your skin care creams might not sound too deadly, but did you know that the term fragrances can mean up to 4000 different substances? Many of these 4000 are toxic and even carcinogenic to the human body and can cause anything from depression and irritability to problems with your central nervous system.

4. Mineral Oils – These are also called paraffin and petrolatum. Mineral oils are deceptive, because they can form a coat on your skin which keeps in moisture and makes your skin look younger and smoother. But this comes with a price, mineral oils clog your skin pores which can lead to dryness, premature aging and other problems with your skin.

5. Phenol Carbolic Acid – Found in more and more lotions, creams and moisturizer today. Phenol carbolic acid can cause serious side-effects, such as paralysis, convulsions and even death from respiratory failure.

The importance of finding truly effective top natural skin care products is more important now than ever, your skin and your health is at stake.

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