Petroleum, the category of anthracite prepared with coal ar rock oil is the homeopathic remedy that indicates its main seat of action on the skin and mucous membranes of the body. The gastric system, respiratory tract and genitals are primarily affected. Psore is the dominant miasm.


It is a deep acting remedy with long lasting effectiveness. Can also be used as a constitutional, though the main use has been limited to its effect on skin and apandages. Generally the patient is very chilly and the symptoms are worse in winter and cold and are better in summer or by heat, especially of the skin. Skin eruptions which are dry and itching violently. Cracks and fissures on the skin. Sometimes there is thin and watery oozing from the eruptions – just like graphites, but in graph the oozing is sticky watery kind while that of petroleum is watery but thin.


The eruptions itch violently and the patient continues to scratch the area till the skin is peeled off and becomes raw, inflamed, bleeding easily. Every little injury suppurates.


There is a tendency to throw out vesicles and they form thick yellowish crusts along with moisture. Sometimes the vesicles break and form ulcers especially around the fingers, scrotum, face or scalp. Once dry they get indurated and bleed easily. There is a foul or pungent smelling sweat all over the body especially at the feet and axillae.


Symptoms appear or disappear suddenly like belladonna. Coldness in spots all over the body. Ulcerous patches with induration on the mucous membranes of the body. The patient is sensitive to the change of weather and is worse before the thunder storm. This is similar to the remedies like rhus tox or rhodo.


Cough worse during the night time and while diarrhea is worse during the day. All gone and hungry feeling especially after passing stool and it compels the patient to eat but he gets pain after eating anything. Sore and bruised feeling like arnica, worse at the joints.


Mental symptoms are due to low forms of fever such as typhoid fever or in diarrhea. The patient is dazed, confused and loses his way to home in the street. Is full of imagination, imagines that some strange person is near her and everything can look double. Feels there are two babies in the bed or she has delivered twin babies.


Usually gets aggravated in damp weather, change of weather, before thunder storm, riding in a carriage or by mental exertion.


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