People are now no longer using  cleanser, antibiotics and so many other remedies to cure acne. They want to use natural ways within a short period of time instead. There are lots of treatments available in your local market and even on the internet that most people do not even know if any natural cures exist. Nevertheless, most of the common cleansers that are available in the market are too harsh on the face. In general these treatments are very expensive while the natural methods are things you can find around you to help get rid of this annoying infection.


There are lot of natural remedies available all you need do is to find the one that will work best for your skin. Here are some tips that will help you out, just try to pick and apply one of them for you to gain freedom from acne.


Natural remedies that will rid all skin infections


For black heads wash your face with milk and lime mixed together. Cut half of a lime and Squeeze it to bring out the juice in it, and mix it with a glass of milk that has been boiled. Then allow the solution to cool down and then use it to wash the affected areas on your skin.


One of the best natural ways to cure acne fast especially those suffering from white head is by using papaya fruits or a raw potato. Both of them have similar effects on skin; use it raw on the affected parts of the skin.


You know that after using most of these natural products to clean your face there must be some dirty or left over on the skin surface, so we need a moisturizer to help clean them up. To re-hydrate the skin you will need to use almond oil, grind 10 raw almond nuts with water and apply the paste to your face. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes then wash it off with clean water.


You can also try using buttermilk or a non-flavored yogurt as a moisturizer. Preserve these products in a refrigerator because you can use it for at least three to four days.


Natural ways to cure acne takes time but the most interesting part is that they help to get rid of acne completely without any scar left and does not have any side effects.


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