How do you achieve whiter skin with natural skin whitening cream? This is what most people with concerns over dark skin ask.  People around the world associate beauty with having whiter skin and they would do almost anything to get their skin whiter.


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There are many causes of skin darkening but the most common reason would be hereditary. If your parents have dark skin then you will most likely to have dark skin as well. The main foe of skin darkening is the sun.  Wearing sunscreen and other clothing to protect you from harmful UV rays can reduce if not prevent skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and sun burns.  This is where skin whitening remedies come into play.


Skin whitening is a process in which you make your skin lighter or fairer looking than it already is. There are many techniques or procedures to achieve a whiter skin. You could undergo treatments and apply creams and lotions or take whitening supplements.  But the downside of this is that it would cost you more. Not to worry though if money is the issue because there are many natural alternatives to make your skin whiter.  These remedies decrease the production of melanin which is the culprit for making your skin darker. You may be surprise if some of remedies may just be found in your home or in your kitchen in particular.


You can make up natural skin whitening cream from things you can find in your kitchen like Aloe Vera, Apple cider vinegar, dandelion soap, lemon juice buttermilk and castor oil. These are just a few of the most used ingredients for home remedies to remove dark spots and lighten your skin color. Incorporating these remedies into your daily beauty regimen and applying them religiously will surely lighten your skin in no time.


Another homemade whitening skin cream is from the mixture of a honey and almond. You can make effective whitening cream from these ingredients. What you need is a teaspoon of honey, another 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of almond oil. Mix slowly into a paste and apply on your face and other parts of the body and then let it stay for 10-15 minutes. This remedy will give you a lighter glow and eliminates melanin build up.


These are but a few of the natural skin whitening cream that you can come up with at  home without having to shell out a huge amount of cash.

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