The biggest issue that I see with natural remedies for facial skin problems is that most of the formulas advertised as being all natural are not really natural at all. Slick marketing has fooled many people into buying what they believed to be a healthy formula for their skin, when it was really a product filled with synthetics.

The vast majority of the skin care products on the market barely have anything natural in them at all, and are developed almost entirely of chemical agents. Many of the chemicals commonly used in skin care formulas are either suspected of being or have been proven to be toxic or carcinogenic. This of course makes them very dangerous, and you should aviod formulas that contain chemical agents.

When seeking out natural remedies for facial skin problems make sure that they feature ingredients such as protein complexes, enzymes, and plant based oils and waxes. These are the compounds that provide your skin with the antioxidants, and essential nutrients it needs. Many plant based compounds can remedy specific ailments that afflict the skin.

Take an ingredient such as Babassu wax, which is drawn from the kernel of the fruit of the Babassu palm for example. Not only is this ingredient an excellent moisturizer, but it has also shown to be effective in treating eczema, itchy, dry, and inflamed skin. Or a compound like Jojoba oil, which is beneficial in treating acne, and much more serious skin conditions like psoriasis.

If your skin is generally healthy, but you are looking for natural remedies for facial skin problems related to aging then I have to advise against wasting your money on formulas containing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These compounds only give the illusion of wrinkle reduction by binding water to the skin. Your skin cannot even absorb these compounds, making them absolutely useless in a skin care formula.

The most effective natural remedies for facial skin problems related to aging are those that feature the enzyme and protein complex fusion Cynergy TK, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. These compounds promote the increase of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the body. Look for skin care formulas containing these two components, and the others I mentioned for guaranteeing healthy, wrinkle free skin.

Sharon McCarthy is a health enthusiast and a dedicated researcher of natural skin care products. Visit her website now and discover proven cutting edge skin care products that protect your skin and slow down the aging process.