Finding how to tighten loose sagging skin is not an easy task because it doesn’t just happen over night. It manifests after some period of accumulated damage caused by several factors, such as free radicals, loss of collagen and elastin, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition.

However, you can still tighten it by eating good diets of mostly fruits, vegetables and fish, coupled with exercise and use of good skin firming lotion. The best firming lotion is one that will help replace depleted collagen and elastin in your body.

Collagen and elastin are proteins naturally found in the body; they work together in synergy to help maintain the firmness and flexibility of the skin thereby helping to tighten loose sagging skin. Without these two vital proteins, your body will literally fall apart, that is why it is very important that you have enough of them in your body.

Unfortunately, as we advance in age, the rate at which they are produced by our body begins to decrease. This means that we have less and less of them as the years go by.

However, you can help reverse this process by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and by using skincare products that will help boost the amounts of collagen and elastin in your body. I am not talking about products that contain collagen and elastin as ingredients because those products do not work and so will not help tighten loose sagging skin.

They do not work because the collagen and elastin molecules in them are too bulky to penetrate your skin; moreover they contain synthetic proteins which are not compatible with the human body.

However there are ingredients proven to boost the levels of natural collagen and elastin in your body. They do this by stimulating the body into performing its natural task. These ingredients include phytessence wakame, nano-lipobelle HEQ10, cynergy TK and natural vitamin E.

These ingredients work together to boost the amounts of these two proteins in your body and thereby helping to tighten loose sagging skin. They also help to stimulate cells renewal thereby enhancing the rejuvenation of your skin.

Wakame and vitamin E are potent antioxidants that counter the activities of free radicals; thus they prevent skin damage and appearance of signs of premature aging such as lines, wrinkles and sagging.

A good firming lotion should also contain powerful moisturizers such as grapeseed oil, babassu, macademia oil and jojoba oil to hydrate and nourish your skin making it smooth and supple.

The best thing about these ingredients is that they are all natural and do not have any harmful effect on your body.

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