Along with changes and notable events in many fields of life during the previous week, astronomical events including eclipses, moon phases, meteor showers, occultations, oppositions, conjunctions, and some others have become weekly spotlights. The Solar Eclipse on January 4, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Lagoon Nebula, the partial Solar Eclipse in Novosibirisk, Mars\’ south pole are among the most impressive celestial phenomena of the passing-out week. Most of such remarkable supernatural events were observed from space agencies such as the U.S. Naval Observatory, the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, the Old Farmer\’s Almanac, and so on. Let\’s take a look at the most magnificent astronomical events during the passing-out week via the following breathtaking images.


The sharp image of Mars\’ south pole was spotted by NASA\’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The blue streaks in the image were CO2 vaporized from ices on Mars. The south polar region contained enough frozen water to spread up the planet in a liquid layer.


Mars\’ south pole


The red circled tiny object in the image was ISS (the International Space Station), spotted at the same time when the Solar Eclipse occurred on January 4. At that time, the International Space Station was 500 km from the earth, while the sun was 150 km from the earth.


Solar Eclipse


Despite not being as advanced as NASA\’s telescope Hubble, European Space Agency\’s old telescope Herschel captured the most stunning image of the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy in the picture looked like a red fire tornado.


Andromeda Galaxy


This is the European Space Agency\’s notable astronomical photograph captured by telescope Southern Observatory. In the image, sparkling spots were the Lagoon Nebula, around 5000 light years from the Earth.


Lagoon Nebula


Another Solar Eclipse in the week was spotted at the same time and the same position of smoke from a chimney in Novosibirisk, Russia. It\’s certain that the scene of partial Solar Eclipse looked more mysterious under the smoke\’s appearance.


Partial Solar Eclipse in Novosibirisk


The green branches in the image looked like blood vessels. They were tides invading into small rivers on Bahamas Island. The image was captured from the International Space Station.


Tides in Bahamas



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