Wind quietly blowing the summer, this is the year’s most fascinating women charming season, can also deter the hot sun, the UV poses a great threat to the skin, allergies, dermatitis, also began to torn spots Women are delicate skin. Summer, our skin must face the challenge of what the enemy? Different ages for different skin types, living at home Xiaobian carefully prepared for your summer skin beauty Cheats family life, to bring you a full range of skin care, make time for your beautiful bloom.

Survey, the majority of urban women for the present Beauty salons Understanding of just stop doing skin care, body massage and essential oils to promote projects, while the function of various shapes Beauty Instrument Lack of basic understanding of device, even if occasionally try, and most will follow a recommendation of the beauticians, this too is a small regret.

Fact, something is bound to have its advanced scientific and availability, can only know ourselves, to seize the initiative. COSMO in this special promotion, and is currently leading the more popular beauty salons in several beauty equipment.

Far infrared capsule This may seem strange drum-shaped beauty instrument now known to many people. Its principle is to use infrared heat to the body, so that expansion of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which can calm the skin end of the nerve, increased sweat gland activity, and finally let the body rule out a lot of waste and toxins.

Body conducted by beauticians Essence Oil massage, lying on the computer space capsule thermostat, ear is the summer distant bell, along with the atmosphere of the atmosphere and the cycle of flowers push roller massage pleasures delight, as if living in a calm and natural … …

Beauty features: far-infrared slimming capsule collection, beauty, sitting in one, it combines infrared, circular push roller, massage, steam sauna, aromatherapy and other high-tech beauty help to strengthen blood circulation, Paiduyangyan To ease the pressure, is a comprehensive practical beauty equipment.

Beauty goal: a small amount of Lose weight .

G5 push loose fat meter deep

Hips when you find yourself on both sides of the site extending to the upper thighs protruding baggy or a group when the fat stiff; when you notice the skin like orange peel on the spot mottled split of marble, we must be shocked pale, and then worry it unbearable. In fact, this is a very common modern phenomenon of urban women, mainly due to lower body circulation is not smooth result, this time depends on G5 deep fat instrument to promote a casual. In actual operation, it will follow the contours of the body vibration in different locations, if once a week insisted, not only can eliminate excess fat, but also can enhance skin elasticity.

Beauty features: G5 push loose fat meter deep muscle relaxation can help in softening hard fatty tissue thickness at the same time, enhance the decomposition of deep fat, reduce fat storage capacity, lower body fat for this treatment is particularly effective in women. Variable in the intensity of the vibration massage, but also to promote local blood circulation, with almost all available exchange of rounds can replace manual massage and acupressure, in a short time to immediately relieve the legs, buttocks and other parts of the strained muscle, promote blood circulation, relax muscle fiber tissue.

Beauty objectives: local diet. Facial Rejuvenation Instrument In many beauty instrument, facial rejuvenation and practical instrument seems small, it designed for the face to a very small micro-current simulation of the human body’s bio-electricity, through the skin effect in cells and tissues, to achieve cosmetic effect.

Facial rejuvenation instrument need to be very professional beauticians from the 451 group pre-computer model, according to the specific customers to choose the appropriate course of treatment, in Facial Import current.

Beauty feature: facial rejuvenation instrument through the infiltrating cells in the micro-current, cell membrane potential to help restore balance and increase the electrical activity of cells and tissues, promoting metabolism and circulation. Middle-aged people to use the most obvious effect.

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