As everybody knows, collagen and elastin are the fibers made from proteins which provide a firm structure for our skin. When we are young, we have lots of this and the turnover in its production is quite fast. The result is tight smooth skin and we look great. As we age, the production of these fibers are reduced and that is why everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to produce products that can increase collagen in the skin.

The reduced production of collagen means that our skin is open to all sorts of attack. The major attackers are the free radicals which roam around seeking trouble. They also stop skin cell renewal taking place and that only adds to the problems of a reduced amount of collagen.

We can forget about hydrolyzed and pure collagen because they are sourced from cowhide and sometimes marine life. As such they are not really bio available for our skin. They seem like foreign invaders but their molecular structure means that they cannot really penetrate the epidermis, no matter what their manufacturers will claim.

But one ingredient has been found that will increase collagen in the skin and it will do it in a completely natural way. The reason is that this particular ingredient is sourced from the protein in sheepwool which is known as keratin. As this is similar to our own, and because it has been gently solubilized, it can really get to work to increase collagen in the dermis. The ingredient is called Cynergy TK so look for it on the label before you buy. Actually you will not find it in many products at all.

Why not discover more about the company that actually discovered this and a whole load of other innovative ingredients which are safe and 100% natural. These will really make a difference as they can fight free radicals and moisturize rather effectively.

The testimonials I have seen all vouch for this. I know people who used to have red blotchy skin and found that by using these products they actually got smoother skin which was totally rejuvenated in the process. I am not surprised knowing how much research has gone into these products. Why not check this one out because this is probably one of the few products that can naturally increase collagen in the skin.

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