Nature always tells human beings a lot of stories about weirdest existence and oddest scenes about animals on Earth. Recently, the Guardian has released a series of the most impressive wildlife pictures. From rediscovery of Rio pescado stubfoot toad which has disappeared for 15 years to a lovely capybara bathing in hot water in a cold day in Saitama children\’s zoo, Japam. Let\’s take an in-depth look and enjoy the following stunning images.


Below is a shoot inside the pond in a St. Petersburg park, Russia. The ice has not only prevented the sunshine reaching into the pond, but also blocked oxygen from the air above the water. That leads to oxygen-generating plants try to struggle for fresh air below an ice hole.

A huge school of fish underneath the ice are trying to seek for air soaking up through the thin ice.

A fish is swimming in water underneath an ice in a pond on a St. Petersburg park, Russia.

A capybara is taking a “warm shower” during a cold day in Saitama children\’s zoo, Higashimatsuyama, Japan.

A man is feeding monkeys in Jammu, India.

An elephant makes a funny shoot when scratching against the tree in the Tsavo west national park.


Rio pescado stubfoot toad, also known as atelopus balios, has recently been discovered in Ecuador for 15-year disappearance. According to researchers, the lethal chytrid fungus is the main reason for this extinction.

This is one of the black and white tail humpback whales heading to the Southern Ocean due to the Antarctic hunt of Japanese whalers. The black and white tail humpback whale is in danger of extinction.

The butterflies are gathering in an old brand tree in the Pedro Herrada butterfly sanctuary, Michoacan, Mexico.

A breed of bison are grazing in the Yellowstone National Park, America.

A little red squirrel tries to look for some food in a frozen winter day in Rothiemurchus estate, Scotland.



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