Do you want to give your skin a bonus?  Of course you do.  One of the most important features to us is our face! Blemish free, soft to the touch, youthful in appearance and having a fresh, cleansed feeling is the perfect example of what we all dream about. We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on cleansing skin care products only to see no results! Good results from skin cleansing should not be that difficult and it isn’t when the right ingredients are used.

What you Should not Find in Cleansing Skin Care Products

No matter how many pretty names you put on a product, if they include such ingredients as mineral oil, soap, ammonia based surfactants, petroleum byproduct or fragrance, you are not doing your skin any favors. Putting agents on your skin in a skin cleansing effort will never work if you are suffocating your cells from too much dryness or further damaging your skin with harmful chemicals.

What Causes Damage to Skin?

You have all heard of antioxidants that are good to have because they fight off harmful free radicals. Because of UV exposure and environmental pollutants, skin begins to lose flexibility and vitality by a process known as oxidative stress. We need antioxidants to reverse this problem and to keep our skin healthy and stress free. Super oxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione are two chemicals that our bodies produce and begin to diminish when exposed to the sun and our polluted air.

Give Your Skin what it Craves

We all remember what it was like having baby soft skin and watching it deteriorate before our very eyes. There will always be an aging process that our bodies have to submit to but not to the degree that we now have. Other cultures have youthful skin. What do they know that we don’t? Most of the cultures that never lose their vibrant skin are those that do not have access to all of the modern day chemical based products that we have grown to use and love. They care for their skin naturally which is evident because they have great looking complexions.

Natural Ingredients your Skin will Love

Functional Keratin is a natural substance that is extracted from wool of New Zealand sheep. Together with keratin that our own bodies produce, the structure of our skin can be benefited. Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance and is present in our body cells. Under stress, these cells begin to lose their efficiency and need natural replacement. Phytessence Wakame is better known as the Japanese beauty preserver because of a powerful antioxidant contained from Japanese sea algae. Rich in minerals and vitamins plus other important factors, this antioxidant can be a great contributing factor in cleansing skin care.

Remove Impurities with a Natural Cleansing Mask

Look for a deep cleansing mask that offers all of the above ingredients – plus kaolin, bentone gel, macadamia oil, shea butter and manuka honey allantoin. These all natural ingredients will remove impurities, and leave your face healthy and exuberant. Now that you’re armed with this information, do not just look for popular brand names, but read the labels and make sure your skin cleansing treatment is a true cleansing skin care program that will work!

Ann L. Parker is a researcher, educator, and believer of keeping skin looking young, vibrant, and glowing with all natural ingredients. Visit her web site today to learn about the clinically proven ingredients the big brands don’t want you to know.