If the title didn’t put you off and blow you away — “Read On.”

Look at any magazine, TV, the Internet or anywhere else you get information from — and you’ll notice hundreds of ads and articles on the secrets of beautiful skin.

As it happens none of them mention that we need to summon up a lot of self-control and discipline to carry out what they suggest we should do.

How many people do you know of who have tried various diets and failed, maybe you have even tried dieting a few times yourself? The rate of success with dieting is that a very small percentage of people ever succeed, because they don’t have enough self-control and discipline to follow it through.

As it happens its the same when experts tell us that the secrets of beautiful skin are to eat only good healthy vegetables, grains and lean meats, and to avoid all the bad things we all love e.g. hamburgers, french fries, coke etc, and that we should also drink 8 glasses of water every day.

There is no doubt smoking is bad for your body and skin, not getting any exercise is bad for your body and skin, staying out partying and consuming too much alcohol is bad for your body and skin. So what’s the answer? Maybe staying in a dark room eating celery sticks and riding an exercise bike for hours.

“I don’t think so”

We all know what these people say is correct, but you would have to live like a nun or priest to be able to follow it through.

My advice to you is to try using a little bit of common sense, self control and disciple as the best way to stay fit and have a beautiful complexion which will help you keep youthful looking, and of course get hold of a good natural skin cream, and maybe even try using a good supplement.

Look after your body and skin by eating good food containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants most of the time, the odd hamburger and chips won’t exactly kill you. If you can get a few glasses of water down each day, that would be beneficial.

However, I won’t budge on smoking — I did it for years when I was young and it’s just plain dumb, sucking all that crap into your lungs every day “is absolutely stupid.”

Anyway, try to using some of that common sense you’ve got, show some self control and maybe just a little bit more discipline, then you won’t need to look for any secrets of beautiful skin ever again.

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